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What is the secret of sulyandesign tops, clothes?

Not only the uniqueness and uniqueness, but also the multifunctionality characterizes the cardigans, scarves and shawl tops available from us.

If you want, you can wear your cardigan spread over your shoulders, but if you combine it with a jacket, it also functions as a scarf. Moreover, since they are double-sided, you can feel free to vary which side you carry out each day.

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BUDAPEST by sulyandesign

Why was this collection named BUDAPEST?

What happened is that I like to take photos of Budapest, the buildings and sights of Budapest. I thought of one of the pictures I collected over the years, and I designed a textile called BUDAPEST, which is used to make cardigans and scarves so that the inside highlights your colors with a single color..

Cardigan that can be worn in three ways: 2-sided cardigan and scarf

Round scarf that can be worn in three ways: a double-sided scarf and a scarf

In Budapest, we make all sulyandesign tops, cardigans, round scarves and sets from premium cotton materials, which we design or select ourselves.

Each of our tops, our circles, our yoga cardigan is the result of a unique design, which is why every piece you find with us is unique.

Our multifunctional cardigans attract the eye, you can show your true individuality. If you want a cardigan, if you want to go around.

Our tops, cardigans and sets are double-sided, so you can vary them to your liking, if you want to wear them upside down one day, turn them the next day 🙂

Would you give a sulyandesign cardigan, round scarf or even a hat-scarf set as a gift?

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