I believe that there are a time and a place for everything in our lives.

Old drawings, ideas, even the Genie from the bottle turn up eventually.

Colorful materials, simple solutions, and practical wear are the characteristics of sulyandesign cardigans and scarves.

The main idea and the starting point was to create something that is universal and can be worn in many ways. Thus, each piece functions as a top and scarf as well.

The first successful idea, the shawl, is now complemented with other designs, such as cardigans, scarves, and yoga cardigans that can also be worn in different ways.

The latest in the palette is Budapest by sulyandesign cardigan and scarf that is made from a self-designed material. The design is a personal collection of the sights of Budapest. It was an exciting and fascinating project, and I highly recommend the result. :)

For me, sulyandesign is an endless opportunity for learning and brainstorming. I also consider it to be a fantastic gift, a logical game, and last, but not least, a way to bring a smile on someone's face.

Happy browsing!

Sulyan Zsuzsanna