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egyedi variálható 3in1 kardigán, körsál, váll kendő

I believe it will be time for everything one day.

Once the old drawings, ideas, even the ghost come out of the bottle.

Colorful materials, simple solutions and practical wear. These characterize sulyandesign cardigans and scarf tops.

The only starting point was to make them universal and wearable in many ways. Thus, each piece functions as both a top and a scarf.

An unbroken first idea a few years ago, the scarf top has now been supplemented with a variety of cardigans, scarves and yoga cardigans.

The latest in the palette is Budapest by sulyandesign cardigan and scarf made of self-designed material. The sample is my subjective collection of the sights of Budapest. It was a very exciting project. I would love to recommend the end result. 🙂

The sulyandesign is a constant learning and brainstorming for me, I think it’s a great gift, a logical game and last but not least, a lot of smiles!

Have a good browsing!

Sulyan Zsuzsanna

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